The Automation sector of Gruppo FOS offers specialized services for industrial automation with particular attention to HMI / SCADA solutions. The team, through the use of Gruppo FOS’s own technologies or using the most qualified solutions on the market, designs and develops:

  • supervision systems, remote control and monitoring of industrial systems and plants.
  • SCADA solutions for centralized control rooms.

Gruppo FOS is able to offer solutions for Building Management, designed to optimize the operation and energy efficiency of buildings including energy consumption monitoring. The close collaboration with the Engineering department, which has a decade of experience on IoT systems, allows us to offer innovative and industrialized solutions to the market.

The team of Gruppo FOS has also gathered a particular know-how in the development of Efficient Asset Management solutions for the optimization of the necessary resources for the operation and maintenance of the plants. Our solutions, in addition to the management of ordinary and extraordinary maintenance interventions, allows the management of teams and personnel (shifts, PPE, training, ...), predictive maintenance and management of spare parts warehouses.





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